Why you don’t necessarily need a Full Time Employee

There is a lot of “need” for companies to hire full-time employees. Do you actually need one? Not always.

Contract or freelance workers offer the best of both worlds. You get a person to help you accomplish tasks and projects without having all of the costs and overhead of a full time employee. You only pay them for the hours they work without all of the benefits costs, 401K, etc. The contract employee is an expense thus lowering your bottom line.

There are many people out there that own a small business and are looking for contract work. The typical mindset of those that only “want” full time employees is that they think that most every job is a 40 hour a week job. Most contract workers can accomplish the tasks given in far less time than 40 hours.

Since starting out I’ve had a few different clients that have come and gone. Others I’ve retained throughout the past few years that give me work regularly. I’m always looking for additional clients with a need.

Do you think you’ve got a need for a contract employee? COntact me and I can help you figure that out.


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